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How to Find Employees for Portland Jobs

If you are firing up a small business venture, one of your earliest steps is finding some employees. Starting a business is tough, and finding the right people can be even more difficult. So when you are seeking candidates for Portland Jobs, here are the resources you should tap into to ensure you hire productive, dedicated employees

1. Check out the job boards: we previously discussed the advantages of niche jobs boards, and those are definitely worth looking into for small businesses, which can offer many different specialized services. These boards will ease the process of finding qualified candidates.

2. Networking: one of the many uses of networking is finding suitable employees through referrals. According to The Wall Street Journal, “Start-ups typically find their first 10 or 15 employees this way.”

3. Use your employees: once you have your first three to five employees, you can ask them for referrals as well. The Journal says that “an employee is going to recommend only someone he or she thinks will be successful, to avoid tarnishing his or her own reputation.” Employee referrals are a cheap and easy building block.

By Kyle Wise

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