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How to Conduct an Effective Search for Portland Jobs

Job search tactics vary from person to person, and what works for one individual may not be suitable for someone else. But when you are seeking jobs in Portland, you want to hunt as effectively as possible without wasting any time, regardless of how you go about doing it. Adding some... Read Full Article

The 4 Biggest Resume Mistakes

Entire books can be written on resume missteps: misspelled words, poor grammar, disjointed writing, overuse of certain words, clichés. Since we don’t have the time or means to write one, here are four of the most prevalent ones that you should look out for when you are seeking Portland job... Read Full Article

The Pros and Cons of Going Back to School

In the past, we discussed the advantages of going back to school in order to boost your chances of landing Portland jobs. While we very much still stand by what we said in that article, going to (or back) to school isn’t a decision to be made lightly. There are many important factors (not... Read Full Article

How to Search for a New Portland Job While You Are Still Employed

It is commonly said that it is easier to find a job if you already have one. That way, it is possible to find new opportunities while still being able to cover your expenses. This is true, but when you are searching for new Portland jobs while you are still employed, there are certain... Read Full Article

How to Dress for Your Portland Job Interview

Personal appearance is extremely important when interviewing for Portland jobs. Conventional wisdom says that men should wear suits and ties and that women should wear dresses. While this is a safe assumption to make, workplace environments and cultures have changed dramatically within the... Read Full Article

Should You Quit Your Portland Job?

Not every job turns out as stellar as we want it to be. If you are beginning to have mixed feelings about your current line of work, you may want to consider looking for new Portland Jobs. Before you make that important decision, however, you must put some thought into it. Here are the three... Read Full Article

How to Find Employees for Portland Jobs

If you are firing up a small business venture, one of your earliest steps is finding some employees. Starting a business is tough, and finding the right people can be even more difficult. So when you are seeking candidates for Portland Jobs, here are the resources you should tap into to... Read Full Article

Seeking Out Portland Job Recruiters

Seeking out candidates is the business of job recruiters, so they are an important resource to tap. When you are applying for jobs in Portland, connecting with a recruiter will make your search a little easier. Making that connection isn’t always easy, however. Recruiters receive hundreds... Read Full Article

Portland Job Seekers: Why You Should Consider Furthering Your Education

Furthering your education is one of the most effective ways to give yourself an edge in the job market when you are applying for Portland jobs. Going back to school can give your current career a boost, or it can help you jumpstart a career change. Here are a few reasons why you should hit... Read Full Article

Portland Job Seekers: Safe Online Job Hunting Tips

If you’re hunting for and applying for jobs online (and you most certainly are), you might not be aware of the potential pitfalls of online job seeking. The sort of information that job applications frequently ask for is occasionally highly sensitive. It is however, possible to keep running your search online without putting yourself at... Read Full Article

Tips for Novice Portland Job Seekers

If you are an inexperienced job searcher, you might feel a little overwhelmed by the task of finding employment. When you are applying for Portland jobs, there are some basic tips you should always keep in mind during your search. If you stick with these, your job seeking will be a whole lot... Read Full Article

How to Spot Hiring Businesses in Portland

If you are searching for work, finding out who exactly is hiring is an important, but often overlooked step. This will it make your job searching much smoother, and it gives your search more focus and it prevents you from wasting your time by applying to businesses that don’t need more employees. When you are applying for... Read Full Article

Strategies for Portland Job Fairs

Over the course of your search for Portland jobs, you may want to consider attending a job fair. These events are great sources of information and career development, and are great opportunities to meet recruiters. Job fairs, however, require their own level of strategy and planning, so here... Read Full Article

Portland Job Seekers: The Post-Job Interview Thank You Letter

Getting that thank you letter written is your top priority in the post-interview process. Here, we will be expanding on what exactly those letters should entail and how they should be written. While you are applying for Portland jobs, here is how you should go about putting together your... Read Full Article

What You Should Do After Your Portland Job Interview

Now that the interview process is over, you are probably wondering what happens afterwards. When you are applying for jobs in Portland, there are some important post-interview steps that you should immediately pursue. Regardless of how well your interview performance was, taking these steps... Read Full Article

What to Keep an Eye Out for in Portland Resumes

If you have a lot of resumes to look at, it isn’t always easy to know what to look for in candidates applying for Portland Jobs. To help you in your candidate search, here are some key points to keep an eye out for when the time comes to make a choice:.. Read Full Article

Resume Stategies for Portland Job Seekers

If you are applying for a Portland Jobs, your resume is probably already on paper. Before submitting it, however, take a second or third look at it. No two resumes will be the same, but there are some basic steps that each one should follow. When the time comes to write, rewrite, or edit... Read Full Article

Portland Job Seekers: Phone Interview Strategies

If your potential employer doesn’t have the time or ability to conduct an in-person interview, they will probably try to interview you over the phone. Many of the same basic principles of face-to-face interviews apply to phone interviews, but the differences are big enough to call for a separate strategy. When you are applying for... Read Full Article

Why Portland Employers Should Utilize Niche Job Boards

A surefire way to expedite the process of filling an opening is to look into niche job boards. With the hundreds of job seekers applying for Portland Jobs, these specialized boards are a great place to start. Here are five ways in which tapping these unique resources can benefit your... Read Full Article

Building Conatcts in Portland

If you are trying to break into an industry you are interested in, step one is getting to know people who work in that particular industry. Getting these contacts (in other words, networking) isn’t always clear cut. So when you are applying for Portland Jobs, and you are looking for useful... Read Full Article

Pervasive Job Hunting Myths

You have probably encountered an abundance of advice in your search for Portland Jobs. There is nothing wrong with that; there is plenty of good advice out there, but you should also be wary of the flawed logic and the occasional myths that accompany job searching. Here are the some of the... Read Full Article

New Orleans Employers: How to Conduct a Productive Interview

Conducting a job interview can be just as challenging as being the subject of one. Just as there are strategies for interviewee, the interviewer also needs to do some preparation. When the candidate is applying for Portland Jobs, here are some things you should avoid in the interview,... Read Full Article

Interview Tips for Portland Job Seekers

If you have done everything right so far, the company has contacted you and the job interview has been scheduled. This is a very critical moment. That being said, there’s quite a bit you need to keep in mind when you are interviewing for jobs in Portland. Here are some things you should do,... Read Full Article

How to Craft a Winning Cover Letter for Portland Jobs

The resume and the cover letter are the bread and butter of the job application process. When applying for jobs in Portland, you should make sure your cover letter is as solid as your resume. Avoiding mistakes and following the right steps will help your letter stand out from the rest in the... Read Full Article

Changing Careers in Portland

If current job isn’t enough, or is no longer suitable for you, or you desire to be elsewhere, then it is time for a change. Altering your career path is not a decision to be taken lightly, but if you go through with it, here are five goals to keep in mind while you apply for jobs in Portlan... Read Full Article