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The 4 Biggest Resume Mistakes

Entire books can be written on resume missteps: misspelled words, poor grammar, disjointed writing, overuse of certain words, clichés. Since we don’t have the time or means to write one, here are four of the most prevalent ones that you should look out for when you are seeking Portland jobs. There are a lot of other things you should be wary of, but start by making sure there aren’t any of these in your resume. These tips are courtesy of Randolph L. Stevens, of R.L. Stevens &Associates Inc., writing for Boston.com:

1. Neglecting to show off your knowledge of the industry: part of resume writing is showing off that you will be a good fit for this position. While the cover letter will allow you to explain in more detail, you can still use the resume to display industry knowledge. “The words you use to detail career accomplishments and showcase transferable skills should be crafted to show relevancy,” says Stevens.

2. Having an incoherent structure: there are several different ways to write resumes, but you need to have some structure to it so that it will read well and not confuse whoever is looking at it. “When designing your resume, keep the most important information at the top,” suggests Sevens. “Think like a busy hiring manager.”

3. Little to no substantive content: this is were the use of weak words can do some serious damage. It’s important to include achievements and highpoints from your previous job, and use of words like “managed” or “co-lead” isn’t going to sell anyone. According to Stevens, use of such anemic vocabulary is a sign of “intellectual laziness.”

4. Having poor readability: this connects with number two, but readability goes beyond just having a good structure. Reduce long paragraphs, throw out run-on sentences and keep hyper technical industry jargon to a minimum. Stevens says that “Readability equals digestibility.” So write a resume that isn’t a chore to read.

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