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How to Search for a New Portland Job While You Are Still Employed

It is commonly said that it is easier to find a job if you already have one. That way, it is possible to find new opportunities while still being able to cover your expenses. This is true, but when you are searching for new Portland jobs while you are still employed, there are certain courtesies that should be observed. So here are some things you should do, and some things you shouldn’t do, if you are a currently employed job seeker. These tips are courtesy of Jacqueline Smith of Forbes.

1. Don’t tell your coworkers: this news can be shared with your boss but it generally isn’t a good idea to share this with your coworkers, since word of your departure can cause distractions. “Depending on your relationship with your boss, you may want to share information about your job search, but letting co-workers know can make it difficult for you to leave on a good note,” says Smith.

2. Schedule your interview during your free time: whenever possible, avoid having your interviews during your current company’s hours. You should still stay as productive and focused as possible on your current job.

3. Don’t bad-mouth your current employer: even if your current job is absolutely miserable, keep negative thoughts and feelings to yourself; they can come back to haunt you if spoken aloud. Smith believes the best way to keep the negativity at bay is to “Keep your conversations and your psyche focused on the positive benefits of moving forward, rather than the negative aspect of what you are trying to escape.”

4. Be honest: even if you are keeping your job search under the radar, if your boss or a coworker finds out and approaches you about it, honesty is the best policy. Smith is firm on this point; “if and when they explicitly ask you about your intentions, do not lie!” she warns.

By Kyle Wise

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