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Should You Quit Your Portland Job?

Not every job turns out as stellar as we want it to be. If you are beginning to have mixed feelings about your current line of work, you may want to consider looking for new Portland Jobs. Before you make that important decision, however, you must put some thought into it. Here are the three big questions you should ask yourself before you give your two weeks notice:

1. Is the company’s culture no longer a good fit for you? If you find the company’s style of running things incompatible with your personal approach to work, and as a result you are less productive, it could be time for a change.

2. Is there a lack of performance based rewards? If your high productivity and work ethic aren’t being rewarded properly, then that is a pretty good reason to look elsewhere. According to The Wall Street Journal “Most employees need incentives and rewards to feel valued, and if you’re not getting them, it might be time to dust off that resume.”

3. How are your company’s finances? The financial health of your company is extremely important to your livelihood. The Journal says that “If vendors are starting to complain about late payments, or one of your own paychecks bounces (or you hear that a coworker’s did), you may want to proactively protect yourself by launching a job search.” If the company is struggling to pay its employees, then it’s time to move on.

By Kyle Wise

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