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How to Dress for Your Portland Job Interview

Personal appearance is extremely important when interviewing for Portland jobs. Conventional wisdom says that men should wear suits and ties and that women should wear dresses. While this is a safe assumption to make, workplace environments and cultures have changed dramatically within the last two decades. What to wear to a job interview isn’t as obvious as it once was; in fact, you should be putting almost as much preparation in your appearance as you do for the interview itself. First impressions are highly important, are formed near instantaneously, and are hard for people to ignore. In order to help hiring managers visualize you as a part of their company, here are five tips on how to dress for success, courtesy of Forbes’ Jacquelyn Smith:

1. Research the company culture and dress code: finding out everything you possibly can about the company is something you should already be doing, so while you are at, look into their dress code. There are a couple ways to go about doing this. “Call the company’s receptionist or Human Resources department and ask them what is recommended as far as dress code is concerned,” says Smith.

2. Wear a “power outfit:” “power outfits” give you an appropriate and professional appearance and ideally will be comfortable to wear in or out of an office. Smith recommends buying more than one. “If possible, purchase a few outfits because you might be asked to return for a second or third interview,” she suggests.

3. Buy some work appropriate shoes: the “professional yet comfortable” approach should extend to your footwear as well. Smith provides examples of what types of shoes you should wear: “Women can wear low, conservative, comfortable heals or ‘power flats.’ Men should invest in a pair of loafers and lace-up dress shoes. In general, you want to avoid shoes that expose your toes.”

4. “Test drive” your cloths: once you have everything you need to wear assembled, it is important to try them all on multiple times, get a feel for them, and maybe walk around in them. It’s also a good idea to practice for your interview while wearing your outfit.

By Kyle Wise

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