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  2021-04-01     Bullseye Glass Co.     3722 SE 21st Ave     $15.81 hour  

Bullseye Glass Co. is a local Portland based company making and selling the world's finest art glass for the use in art and architecture. Our factory is in SE Portland along with our Portland-based retail store. Additionally, we have 4 more retail stores outside of Oregon where we teach glass fusing and sell glass and supplies. We offer studio access to all of our employees along with other great benefits such as: Medical and Dental insurance, 401K Retirement plan with matching, Paid Time Off, Holidays, Wellness benefit and bonuses. We are looking for candidates interested in long term growth. Check us out at:

Position Title: Frit - full-time

Schedule:       Monday - Friday, 6:30 am - 3:00 pm

Email resumes with "Frit" on the subject line. 

Lines of Responsibility

Reports to: Assembled Goods Supervisor; Production Manager

Essential Job Functions

Operate the Frit crushing machines.

Have the ability to perform preventative maintenance and cleaning on the Frit machine.

Monitor fusibility control.

Document inventory and storage.

Periodic testing of the jarring process.

Perform contaminant testing.

Organize the Frit warehouse area to maximize storage space.

Jar, label and box all frit.

Pull sheet glass for crushing if tips and tales are not available.

Clean and strip cut sheet glass.

Other Job Functions

   Repetitive lifting of buckets weighing up to 50 lbs

   Repetitive stair climbing with bucket in hand.

   Move cullet barrels using the forklift to the Frit warehouse.

Requisites (Experience, Training, Skills)

   High School diploma or equivalent or six months of glass cutting experience.

   Entry level-requires no prior training or experience, but should be mechanically inclined.

   Good color perception.

   Neat hand writing, detail oriented.

   Ability to maintain organized work area.

   Forklift experience a +.

   Ability to work independently and in a small team.

Training Period

   Six months.

Physical requirements/Use of Senses

   Standing/walking: Frequently throughout the Frit Dept. and Warehouse.

   Lifting/carrying:  Frequently. 1-50 lbs. jars/buckets of glass.  Occasionally must lift 1-50 lbs. above shoulders.

Push/Pull: Frequently to maneuver barrels with glass weighing up to 350 lbs.   

Handling/grasping:  Frequently.  Label guns, buckets, frit boxes, tools, writing.

   Speaking/hearing:  Frequently.  To speak with employees and supervisors.

   Finger dexterity:  Frequently.  To put glass in crush machine, writing.

   Near vision:  Frequently.  Maintain crushing machine.

   Far vision:  Frequently.  For maneuvering about the facility.

   Climbing (Stairs):  Carry 45 lbs. buckets up 8 steps to put glass in glass crushing machine.

Mental requirements/Attributes

   Interaction with others:  Frequently.  Communicate with co-workers, supervisors and employees.

   Time/deadline/shift/overtime requirement:  Crush/jar schedule; correlate w/shipping & maintenance.

   Color Perception:  Ability to recognize various colors of frit, tips & tails, sheet glass.

   Attention to detail:  Frequently.  Accuracy is critical for almost all phases of job.

   Critical judgment:  Frequently.  May need to identify problems or assess situations quickly and be able to determine needed action (problem solving)

   Positive attitude:  Continually.  Essential while working in an environment w/ deadlines and working closely w/ co-workers.

   Reading & writing:  Must have legible hand writing.

Operation of Equipment/Tools

   Glass Cutter:  Cut out any defects in glass.

   Glass crusher:  Frequently.  Ability to operate & problem solve.

   Tape Gun:  Use for labels/boxes.

   Writing instruments:  Pencil documentation.

   Jarring Machine:     Frequently.

   Label gun:  Frequently.

   Kilns:  Occasionally.  To run fuse tests, retests & special tests.         

   Light Box:  Occasionally.  View sheets for inclusions.

   Forklift:  Frequently in frit area to put away and take down stock.

   Glass Carts:  Frequently.  To move stacked glass throughout the work area.

   Box cutter:  Occasionally to open boxes.

   Computer:   Data Entry

Do not contact this company in solicitation of any product or service.

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