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  2021-08-20     CRG Freight     5820 N Basin Ave     17.00 hour  

Columbia River Gorge (CRG) Freight is looking for delivery drivers. No CDL required. Standard license okay! Local Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) truck drivers get home daily and stay within 150 miles of your park location. Enjoy hourly pay and a predictable work schedule in this local delivery position. Our office is located in Hood River but we also stage trucks in Portland, OR. You would need to come to Hood River for your interview but depending on your location, you could start from Hood River or Portland upon hire. You would be operating a 26ft box truck. Experience is preferred but not required. Unfortunately, we do not offer benefits.

Details: We are mainly an interline carrier. The bulk of our business is completing the final delivery for bigger freight companies out of Portland. On an average day depending on where you start from (Portland or The Gorge) you might pick up freight in our warehouse and do an early morning Gorge delivery but then head into Portland to either one or several of these carriers.

At some terminals, you are required to load your own freight, but at others, they will load it for you. You are responsible for loading your own freight at the CRG warehouse. This means that you can't have any physical limitations that would make you unable to do so and you will need to be able to operate a forklift. We can train you in this. After loading up a route in your truck at one or several of these different carriers, you deliver your freight to different consignees in The Gorge or Portland. After delivering your freight, you could be responsible for pick ups. This mainly applies to Portland drivers but occasionally will apply to Gorge drivers as well.

At the completion of every delivery, you are required to fill out a proof of delivery (POD). The paper trail you keep of your deliveries is just as important as the delivery itself. Different carriers we work with have different protocols for how you fill out this paperwork. This is something you would learn more about during training.

I like to reiterate that this position is hard work. You will not just be driving all day. This position requires physical labor. If you are looking for a slow-paced, non-physical job, this probably isn't the right job for you.

New Driver Responsibility: You are required to have a smartphone for this position. You will download two apps, one for dispatching and one for your timeclock. We also frequently send information to drivers via group text. You are responsible for purchasing your own hand truck and DOT Physical. I can schedule your physical for you and it can come out of your first full paycheck. If you are still with us in 6 months, please come to us to remind us and we will reimburse you for the cost. We require drivers to purchase their own hand truck because when we used to purchase them, we would have to buy several a week because of drivers losing them. We find when the driver purchases it themselves, they keep an eye on them.

Pay: $17-$19 per hour/40 hrs PTO per year (no other benefits) 

Schedule: You normally start at 7 or 730 in the morning. This can vary on occasion. You deliver your freight until completion every day. This means that there is no set time off but you are home daily. We operate Monday-Friday.


-Clean driving record needed (past three years, small traffic violations okay)

-Provide excellent customer service

-Run your route until all your deliveries and pick-ups are done.

-Must keep track of all deliveries and pick-ups via paperwork trail.

-This position is more than just driving. You will be unloading/loading your own truck and delivering heavy shipments. You must be physically fit enough to do so.

-This position only requires a standard license. The truck you would be driving is similar in size to a Uhaul.

-You are paid $17 an hr to start. The max wage is $22.

Do not contact this company in solicitation of any product or service.

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